time flies

Indie is a month. It’s crazy how fast babies grow. She can roll over to her side and she can hold her head up all by herself. She has been such a little angel. She still sleeps most of the day. She wakes up around 9pm to eat then she stays up till around 12am, which is perfect cause I go to bed around 12am. She only wakes up once around 4am then we both get up around 9am. I couldn’t ask for a better behaved baby.

We went to Vegas and Indie got to meet her great grandma.

My little fashionista. I LOVE these leg warmers. gotta love target!

We went to church with Segi & Troy.

Indie pretty in pink!

We love to watch Indie sleep. She is a loud sleeper. She snores and mumbles while she's sleeping. Its pretty cute. She also smiles tons while she's sleeping but its hard to take pictures cause by the time we break out the camera she stops smiling.

She loves to put her hands on her face while she sleeps & she loves sleeping on her daddy.

Alyia is probably Indie's favorite and Indie is for sure Alyia's favorite.

Alyia made up a song for when Indie does tummy time and its called tummy time. Every time Indie lays on her tummy Alyia loves to sing her song to Indie.

clean baby.