little ms. indie is 2 months

at 2 months INDIE is

10 lbs. 15 oz.
22.75 inches.

& she
sleeps through the night.
loves to be rocked.
loves music.
loves books.
kicks a lot.
chills in her daddy's arms while he plays call of duty.
stops crying when she sees her bottle.
has gas like her dad.
loves the binky.
kicks her blanket off.
loves bath time.
spits bubbles.
loves EATING.
only wants her mom when she's fussy.
loves to be in just her diape
loves sleeping in her car seat.
& she isn't very fond of
tummy time.
being wrapped up tight.
being interrupted during eating.

Story Time With Daddy.

Indie totally loves when Dan reads to her. It's fun to see her stare at the pictures and smile. We can't believe how calm she is when we read to her. But after about 3 books she’s ready for something new. This day was so funny because she fell asleep right after her third book.

Joining the Lakers Familia.

So I know that Dan doesn’t like the lakers for some dumb reason, but my family is a little obsessed. I was so happy when Jenny got Indie a Lakers fit but she won’t be able to rock that till she’s one. So in the meantime I got Indie her first (of many) KOBE BRYANT jersey. Now Indie can match all her cousins when they cheer for the Lakers!

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Jenny said...

I love that baby. I think she looks like Katie's baby pictures in one of those pictures. I wish you still lived here so I could see that baby more.