Family Pictures.

We took our first family pictures a couple weeks ago. My friend Nikki took them for us in Pleasant Grove. It was raining before we took them and after we took our last picture it started raining again. {we're just that lucky} It was fun to get pictures of Indie smiling and sitting up like a big girl. I loved how they turned out and I'm happy we got them done right before Christmas so we could use them for our cards.

Here are a few of our pictures. Or maybe there's a lot of our pictures.

{Indie's funny face}

Merry Christmas!

Here is our Christmas card this year.

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rachelle said...

fitimaleafaleilanimonicapalepoi-dewitt!!! is it creepy that I'm replying to your comment this quickly? Na, it's me, right? I can get away with being a creeper-weirdo-stalker. DOG!!! I'm pretty pissed that you're still crazy pretty, aren't you supposed to 'let yourself go' when you have a kid and get hitched (not necessarily in that order). Your little girl is beautiful. seriously so pretty. I love her name too. Where you livin these days holmes? if it's up north can we play? thanks