girlfriend hates tummy time.

Our Indie hates tummy time. 
I mean absolutely hates it.
She can last about 5 minutes max.
She balls her eyes out after five minutes.
She grabs the blanket she's on, bunches it up, and buries her face into it. 
I don't know what to do to make tummy time more fun for her.
I give her toys but those get old.
I lay her on a blanket with animals or a design but that gets old too.
She doesn't mind laying on the ground just as long as its on her back.
I try to get her to roll over but she's so upset she doesn't want to.
She likes to roll over only when she's on her back.
BUT then she gets mad because she rolled onto her tummy. 

happy baby on her back.

tummy time is ok. {i guess}

burying her face in the blanket.

still sad after mommy tortured her with tummy time.

5 months already.

seriously has it been 5 months.
this girl is growing so fast i'm having a hard time keeping up with her. 
she has the cutest personality it kills me. 
indie is such a happy, smiley baby. 
she laughs a lot more. 
she grabs everything.
she loves talking.
she is daddy's girl.
she loves books.
she's tall. she's rockin floods because her legs are so long. the pants that are long enough are too big around her waist.
her naps are getting shorter.
she still hates tummy time.
she finally likes her stuffed animals.
she hates her headbands. she rips them off of her head.
she likes to touch our faces.
she hates the camera.
she dances.

she melts my heart.
i love this little princess.

we went to vegas for the usa 7s rugby tournament.
we were a little worried about taking indie because of the noise and all the people. we didn't know how she would react to all the craziness. to our surprise she was actually really good. it was the longest she's been outside. we don't take her outside because in utah county it's still winter but vegas was perfect. we lathered her up with sun screen so she could be out in the sun. i think she liked it. she was only fussy when she got tired but after rocking her in her covered car seat she got her nap.

{daniel with indie eating the samoan flag}

on our way to vegas we stopped to see family in st. george. indie got to play with her cousins and she was loving it. we've made indie laugh but we've never seen her laugh so hard. dewy really got her going. it was cute to see all the kids excited to see indie. indie was all smiles while playing with them. 

Indie has discovered her feet.

it seems like it was just yesterday that indie was a newborn that couldn't lift her head.

can't wait to see her learn and grow over the next month.

be mine.

for valentines day Daniel came home from work with a dozen roses and my favorite chocolate. we decided to stay in because who would wanna babysit on valentines day. so dan made one of my favs chicken parm. it was so yummy. i made BTS chocolate cake. indie woke up from her nap about 5 minutes after we started eating so dan fed her while i ate then we switched. it was pretty funny. she does that to us all the time and february 14 was no exception. we watched our favorite movie Friday. it's the best. not romantic at all but probably one of the funniest movies.

wordless{ish} wednesday.


night night.

When we moved into our place in Spanish Fork I found Daniel's baby pictures and they seriously made my day. I always thought Indie was a good mix of both of use but, I always told myself she looks just like ME. {only cause i want her to look just like me} After seeing Daniel's picture I can't deny how similar they are. I had no idea my husband was such a cute baby. See how cute these babies are and check out their eyes. Love them.

back when Daniel was a cute baby.