girlfriend hates tummy time.

Our Indie hates tummy time. 
I mean absolutely hates it.
She can last about 5 minutes max.
She balls her eyes out after five minutes.
She grabs the blanket she's on, bunches it up, and buries her face into it. 
I don't know what to do to make tummy time more fun for her.
I give her toys but those get old.
I lay her on a blanket with animals or a design but that gets old too.
She doesn't mind laying on the ground just as long as its on her back.
I try to get her to roll over but she's so upset she doesn't want to.
She likes to roll over only when she's on her back.
BUT then she gets mad because she rolled onto her tummy. 

happy baby on her back.

tummy time is ok. {i guess}

burying her face in the blanket.

still sad after mommy tortured her with tummy time.

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Lisa and Devin Graff said...

Oh my gosh this is exactly what tynlee does. I have looked up a bunch of ways to make it better but she still hates it. I make her do it everyday and it makes me feel so bad because she freaks out so bad. lately she has gotten a lot better. Good luck:)