sunny day.

Finally a day with some sunshine and warm weather.

Poor Indie never gets to go outside because it's been so cold. 
Today she couldn't stop staring at the sky. 
She also got to go to the park and see her cousin Teni play soccer.
She loves seeing little kids. 
Dan thinks it's because she want a brother, but I think it's cause they like to jump around and sing to her.

look what I can do

Look at what my mini indie can do!
She is a big girl now.
She can sit up all by herself.
Look at her pick up her toys!
It’s so exciting watching your baby learn something new.
she fell twice, but it didn’t hurt her.
Sitting up makes play time so much more fun!

%look i'm a big girl%

6 months today.

It's march 15th and Indie is 6 months. 
How crazy is that?!?
She's 17 lbs. and 27 inches long. 
She's such a big baby. I love it.
This past month has been tough for little Indie.
She's had a nasty cough for most of it.
She's been congested.
She's been to the hospital twice & will go again for her 6 month check up.
Her naps haven't been as long so she's been a little fussy.
She got RSV.
She threw up for the first time.
(like linda blair style)
She was constipated for the first time.
Poor thing we had to give her prune juice & we fed her pears.
That helped tons.
But even though she's been sick for a while she's still been a happy baby.

SEE what a mean. Still smiling.

One thing that Indie has learned this month that I am so proud of but also kind of annoyed of is that she now rolls over onto her back if she is on her tummy! I like it because now she has learned to not just scream and cry if she hates being on her tummy but to roll over. I'm kind of annoyed because tummy time is still a problem for us. The good thing about her rolling over after being on her tummy is that she rolls a lot more now. Even to get toys she'll roll over to get them instead of cry for them. I like that she can roll from her tummy to her back and not just back to tummy! She can sit up by herself too, but not for too long and only if she's leaning on her hands. She has sat up with no hands but she had no idea she was doing it. 

Sense she had RSV we had to feed her less food more often so she would stay hydrated. She just got back on her normal eating schedule so thats a good sign. She is so weird about eating. She won't open her mouth when you put the spoon in front of her mouth for the first time. So we just shove it in her mouth and then she realizes she likes it and finally open her mouth after that. We haven't had any problems with her liking foods, she seems to like everything.

I'm far too old to play dress up, but that doesn't mean I can't dress my daughter up for her 1/2 year birthday. 

my little ballerina.
i think she'll be a great dancer:)



I think my nephew Teni is a stud.
He should seriously be a gap kids model.
So the next time they are having a casting call for kids teni's aunty will be ready to send in some gap worthy pictures. 
My cousin Sally and I have been saying for years ( ok the kids only 6 but still thats long) that we were going to make money off this kid. So I'm sticking to my word. 

I mean seriously look at this boy.

I'm going to be rich because I'll be his manager!
Just wait people.

girlie girl.

I painted baby girls nails today.
I did a horrible job.
It's hard work when you have a wiggly baby.

oh and did I mention that little Indie is feeling better:)
Because she is!

{stupid} RSV

So since last Monday Indie has had a little cough. 
Nothing big just a cough. 
She's been eating just fine and even sleeping normal.
At one of her doctors appointments her doc told me that if she's still eating and pooping then she is most likely doing ok.
So knowing that I didn't think she was sick.
My sisters told me that when babies are teething they cough and sometimes get a fever.
So since she was eating fine I thought maybe she was teething.
{She has been drooling tons lately}
Yesterday she spit up a little after just about everything she ate.
I didn't think anything of it.
Then it was bedtime so I gave her her last bottle and put her in her crib.
About 45 minutes later we heard her screaming.
It wasn't like a bad dream scream it was more like a death scream.
So I ran into her room to find her freaking out with vomit all her crib.
It was everywhere. 
In her ear.
On the back of her head.
Up in her nose.
All over her clothes.
Down her back.
On her hands.
It was terrible.
I cleaned her up and she was still freaking out crying.
I took her temp. it was 100.1. 
I carried her to living room and I could feel her gagging.
She threw up again on the floor.
We've never seen her throw up and freak out or heard her cough like that so we decided to take her to the ER.
It was around 11:30pm when we got there and little Indie was sleeping like an angel.
The doctor told us that she tested positive for RSV.
He also said that even though she was spitting up/vomiting the fact that she was still wanting to eat was a good sign.
We stayed at the hospital until 1am.
Poor Indie was so tired.

So there is not antibiotic for RSV. All we can do is make her as comfortable as possible and let this infection go away on its own.
Indie is a rock star. I can't believe how strong this girl is. She's still smiling. She gets uncomfortable but she hasn't been uncomfortable enough to cry. She has been fussy but only when she wants a bottle. 

I knew one day Indie would get sick and I knew it would suck!
BUT Indie sure is acting like it's not phasing her. 

She's napping right now and she looks so precious. 

there's a party in my tummy

{sorry for the blurry pic i took it on my phone}

today Indie ate solid foods for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.
we've been feeding her rice cereal so today was a BIG day.
we were excited to see how she would react to new foods.
for breakfast she ate oatmeal. 
{which she liked way more than rice cereal}
for lunch she ate sweet potatoes.
{she absolutely loved. she's sad in the picture because she ate all her food and she wanted more}
for dinner she ate carrots.
{loved them too}

so the veggies were a success.
we probably won't feed her fruits for awhile just because everyone says to introduce vegetables first so that indie will be more likely to accept them. 

i HATE vegetables so i'll be a hypocrite and make my kids eat their vegetables.
hopefully indie will be like her dad and love veggies.

hello spring. I've missed you.

the weather is perfect today in good ol' northern utah.
i didn't even need a jacket.
but i'm a paranoid mother so i put one on indie and we went for a walk. 
her first walk ever.
{well first walk that wasn't in a mall}
at first she started falling asleep.
but i woke her up and she was turning her head left and right looking around.
i'm happy i got to get her outside for a bit.

after our walk i took her to our back yard so she could touch the grass and what not.
look she's a big girl i didn't even help her sit up!