{stupid} RSV

So since last Monday Indie has had a little cough. 
Nothing big just a cough. 
She's been eating just fine and even sleeping normal.
At one of her doctors appointments her doc told me that if she's still eating and pooping then she is most likely doing ok.
So knowing that I didn't think she was sick.
My sisters told me that when babies are teething they cough and sometimes get a fever.
So since she was eating fine I thought maybe she was teething.
{She has been drooling tons lately}
Yesterday she spit up a little after just about everything she ate.
I didn't think anything of it.
Then it was bedtime so I gave her her last bottle and put her in her crib.
About 45 minutes later we heard her screaming.
It wasn't like a bad dream scream it was more like a death scream.
So I ran into her room to find her freaking out with vomit all her crib.
It was everywhere. 
In her ear.
On the back of her head.
Up in her nose.
All over her clothes.
Down her back.
On her hands.
It was terrible.
I cleaned her up and she was still freaking out crying.
I took her temp. it was 100.1. 
I carried her to living room and I could feel her gagging.
She threw up again on the floor.
We've never seen her throw up and freak out or heard her cough like that so we decided to take her to the ER.
It was around 11:30pm when we got there and little Indie was sleeping like an angel.
The doctor told us that she tested positive for RSV.
He also said that even though she was spitting up/vomiting the fact that she was still wanting to eat was a good sign.
We stayed at the hospital until 1am.
Poor Indie was so tired.

So there is not antibiotic for RSV. All we can do is make her as comfortable as possible and let this infection go away on its own.
Indie is a rock star. I can't believe how strong this girl is. She's still smiling. She gets uncomfortable but she hasn't been uncomfortable enough to cry. She has been fussy but only when she wants a bottle. 

I knew one day Indie would get sick and I knew it would suck!
BUT Indie sure is acting like it's not phasing her. 

She's napping right now and she looks so precious. 


Lisa and Devin Graff said...

She is so adorable! You are such a good mommy! It's so sad to see your little buddy throwing up everywhere. I hope she gets better soon!

Troy and Segi Worthen said...

Totally Alyia's fault. I'll let Indie get in a few punches if that will make her feel better.

Jenny said...

Poor baby! Glad she is feeling better. We miss you guys.