there's a party in my tummy

{sorry for the blurry pic i took it on my phone}

today Indie ate solid foods for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.
we've been feeding her rice cereal so today was a BIG day.
we were excited to see how she would react to new foods.
for breakfast she ate oatmeal. 
{which she liked way more than rice cereal}
for lunch she ate sweet potatoes.
{she absolutely loved. she's sad in the picture because she ate all her food and she wanted more}
for dinner she ate carrots.
{loved them too}

so the veggies were a success.
we probably won't feed her fruits for awhile just because everyone says to introduce vegetables first so that indie will be more likely to accept them. 

i HATE vegetables so i'll be a hypocrite and make my kids eat their vegetables.
hopefully indie will be like her dad and love veggies.

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Jenny said...

Just don't let her only eat ones with beta carotenes like carrots and sweat potatoes. Those were the only ones my niece liked and she literally turned yellow from eating them too much!