We spent Easter in St. George. Indie got to spend some time with her DeWitt cousins. She loves Cricket. Every time Indie see's her her face lights up. 

a samoan wedding.

We went to down to Sin City for my sister Cordelia's wedding. It was a nice break from reality. We stayed at my parents house for 3 days then we took Indie to St. George for 3 days so we could have a little fun after 8pm. It was really hard to leave her, but it was nice to stay out late too. Our first day in Vegas was Dan's b-day and Indie was fussy pretty much all day long and she had a fever. On Wednesday when we took her to St. George we noticed another little tooth poking out. Now our little girl has 2 teeth! 

We got back from St.George and checked into our hotel room. It was a really nice hotel and we were lucky because my sister got everyone a really good deal on rooms. It was fun hanging out with all my family for the week. Instead of a rehearsal dinner or meet and greet Cord & Malu decided to go bowling. It was way fun, but only because I beat Dan in the 1st game and our second game was stopped so we had to start all over. Dan was killing me. Oh Well.

The wedding was so pretty. I loved the venue! Everyone was hoping the weather would be nice and it was. They were married on the balcony. It was sunny and there was no wind! There were t.v.s next to the bar so my family took all the tables in front of the t.v.s because the Lakers game was on. The food was good, the Lakers won, the band was amazing, and we danced all night{well until 11pm}. It was so much fun. I wish I took better pictures of Cord and Malu but I was sitting so far away from them during the ceremony. 

The venue was like a night club. It was awesome.

While we were in Vegas staying up all night my baby was swimming in ST.G.

the husband's birthday

We celebrated Daniel's 26th birthday last week!
First with his parents on Sunday before we left for Vegas.

Then we celebrated it in Vegas on his actual birthday. We did a little shopping and went to a Brazilian restaurant Via Brasil. It was way good. Daniel said it was the most authentic Brazilian food his had in America. Daniel also got what he usually gets on his B-day basketball shorts and shoes. After dinner we went back to my parents for cake.

ms. indie is 7 months.

I can't believe my little Indie is not so little anymore.
She is a big baby.
7 months is a long time.
So here's a little update on my girl.

loves to eat.
has one tooth.
is getting really good at moving around in her walker.
puts everything in her mouth.
hates being in her car seat.
loves her cousins.
laughs a lot.
smiles tons.
likes to roll around.
is teething:(

We got her a walker and she is lovin it.
She's mastered moving backwards, but is getting pretty good at moving forward and even turning. 

here are a few cute pictures of Indie.

She's still pretty much doing the same ol stuff. 
Eating the same.
Sleeping the same.
The only difference is teething.
She's been pretty whiny.
I'll put her down on the ground with some toys and leave to do something and she'll be totally be fine & chill, but when she sees me she'll start whining and yelling at me.
This only happens like once a day but its still weird.
She's drooling tons.
It's gross.
Baby girl's breath is kinda stinky.

Indie fell asleep while I was feeding her.

Today is really nice so I took her outside. 
She doesn't like sitting on the grass anymore. 
Check out those cute shoes.
Gotta love Target!

call me martha stewart.

I have been neglecting Indie's nursery.
I hung up one picture and put a chandelier wall art thingy up, but her nursery is just not the business. 
I felt all rich from our tax return so I thought I should splurge on decor for baby girl's room.  
And that's exactly what I didn't do because that would be lame. 
So instead I stole a cute wreath idea from my creative friend Nikki and went to splurge at the dollar store.
I ,{yes I} Fiti, made a wreath. 
A $2 wreath. 
{hopefully you don't think it looks like a $2 wreath} 
I didn't pretend it was too hard and ask one of my sisters to do it. 
I actually did it. 
It was pretty easy and didn't take very long. 
But don't be fooled. 
Just cause I made this does not mean I enjoyed it. 
I probably will never ever enjoy crafting, but I like the way it looks. 

So here it is. 

I also bought some frames & mirrors for Indie's nursery.
I spray painted them black.
I'm going to hang them above her crib.
I know I'm so creative right.

What a horrible picture this is but I'm too lazy to take another one. 
I just put scrap book paper in the frames because I have no idea what pictures I'm going to put in them. I might leave some with just paper. I need to add some white and turquoise to these because Indie's crib is turquoise and her changing table is white. I don't know. 

And another thing I bought for Indie's room.
This eiffel tower.

One day I'll hang up these frames and wreath.
One day.

a birthday

I'm 22.
This picture is FAKE.
I'm pretending to blow out the candles.I told the kids to help and before the song was over the candles were out.They waited a really long time to sing happy birthday to me because the boys decided to golf or putt or whatever.They left to hit golf balls before the Lakers game. Dan got one of my favorite cakes from one of my new favorite bakeries The Chocolate. It was delicious.I wish I took a picture of it cause it was pretty too.

We celebrated my birthday with my family on Sunday because Sunday is a better day for everyone to get together. It was really fun. Dan made a cafe rio dinner. He made sweet pork, spicy pork, & shrimp tacos. So yummy. We even made the yummy tomatillo dressing & lime, cilantro rice. Dan got me a new camera. I was so excited. He thinks he's sneaky but I knew he was going to get me one. He told me he bought himself a nice new Xbox controller and told me to check it out in the bag. I knew it was something for me because if it was a controller he would have opened it and been using it. I also ruined my surprise birthday party with my family that he was planning by telling him the day before that I wanted to have a dinner party with family instead of going out to eat. This isn't the first time I've ruined his surprise birthday party for me.
My niece and nephews Fiti, Teni, & Mason made these sweet birthday cards for me.

Today on my actual birthday we went to dinner with Dan's parents. After we went to Tai Pan! I got some much needed ceramic mixing bowls. (I only have one mixing bowl) I also got some shoes, work out pants, and my FAVORITE gift Dan got a pair of Kobe's. They aren't the colors I would choose, but I'm happy. 

teeth & a walk.

Indie is teething. 
So she's been pretty fussy for a couple of days and she has been sucking on just about everything.
On Sunday she grabbed my finger and put it in her mouth and that's when I felt that sharp little sucker that has been causing my baby so much pain.
After feeling that we went to the store to stock up teething supplies.
She has teething toys, but she doesn't really care too much for them. 
She would rather suck on her socks or her blanket.
The new teething toys worked for a bit but got old pretty fast.
My sister in law told me to wet a washcloth and put it in the freezer for a bit until it was crinkly.
That has worked the best so far. 
Well that plus oral gel & tylenol. 
I tried to take a picture of her tiny baby tooth but I failed and got some sad pictures instead.

i was so close to getting it but that tongue got in the way.
{don't mind the little booger}

{bitter beer face}

{Trying to make her gums feel better}

We went for a walk today, even though it was a bit chilly, to try to comfort Indie. It worked. She loves her some stroller time.