a birthday

I'm 22.
This picture is FAKE.
I'm pretending to blow out the candles.I told the kids to help and before the song was over the candles were out.They waited a really long time to sing happy birthday to me because the boys decided to golf or putt or whatever.They left to hit golf balls before the Lakers game. Dan got one of my favorite cakes from one of my new favorite bakeries The Chocolate. It was delicious.I wish I took a picture of it cause it was pretty too.

We celebrated my birthday with my family on Sunday because Sunday is a better day for everyone to get together. It was really fun. Dan made a cafe rio dinner. He made sweet pork, spicy pork, & shrimp tacos. So yummy. We even made the yummy tomatillo dressing & lime, cilantro rice. Dan got me a new camera. I was so excited. He thinks he's sneaky but I knew he was going to get me one. He told me he bought himself a nice new Xbox controller and told me to check it out in the bag. I knew it was something for me because if it was a controller he would have opened it and been using it. I also ruined my surprise birthday party with my family that he was planning by telling him the day before that I wanted to have a dinner party with family instead of going out to eat. This isn't the first time I've ruined his surprise birthday party for me.
My niece and nephews Fiti, Teni, & Mason made these sweet birthday cards for me.

Today on my actual birthday we went to dinner with Dan's parents. After we went to Tai Pan! I got some much needed ceramic mixing bowls. (I only have one mixing bowl) I also got some shoes, work out pants, and my FAVORITE gift Dan got a pair of Kobe's. They aren't the colors I would choose, but I'm happy. 

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