call me martha stewart.

I have been neglecting Indie's nursery.
I hung up one picture and put a chandelier wall art thingy up, but her nursery is just not the business. 
I felt all rich from our tax return so I thought I should splurge on decor for baby girl's room.  
And that's exactly what I didn't do because that would be lame. 
So instead I stole a cute wreath idea from my creative friend Nikki and went to splurge at the dollar store.
I ,{yes I} Fiti, made a wreath. 
A $2 wreath. 
{hopefully you don't think it looks like a $2 wreath} 
I didn't pretend it was too hard and ask one of my sisters to do it. 
I actually did it. 
It was pretty easy and didn't take very long. 
But don't be fooled. 
Just cause I made this does not mean I enjoyed it. 
I probably will never ever enjoy crafting, but I like the way it looks. 

So here it is. 

I also bought some frames & mirrors for Indie's nursery.
I spray painted them black.
I'm going to hang them above her crib.
I know I'm so creative right.

What a horrible picture this is but I'm too lazy to take another one. 
I just put scrap book paper in the frames because I have no idea what pictures I'm going to put in them. I might leave some with just paper. I need to add some white and turquoise to these because Indie's crib is turquoise and her changing table is white. I don't know. 

And another thing I bought for Indie's room.
This eiffel tower.

One day I'll hang up these frames and wreath.
One day.


rachelle said...

first of all, happy freaking bday fiti! Secondly, your kid is phenomenally cute. fact. Thirdly, you have turned crazy crafty and while I can't relate at all, I am pretty dang proud of your gizzards. Atta kid! Fourth-ly, I live in SLC, by the U, so wheneeeeever you wanna play, I wouldn't hate it.

Chad. Leigh. Janessa said...

sooo cute. I can't decide what to do with Janessa's room. What i've seen of Indie's room is super cute and I love what you are planning. and love the wreath. Nice job lady!! When that "one day" comes where you put things up. I'd like to see more pictures! :) later gater!