ms. indie is 7 months.

I can't believe my little Indie is not so little anymore.
She is a big baby.
7 months is a long time.
So here's a little update on my girl.

loves to eat.
has one tooth.
is getting really good at moving around in her walker.
puts everything in her mouth.
hates being in her car seat.
loves her cousins.
laughs a lot.
smiles tons.
likes to roll around.
is teething:(

We got her a walker and she is lovin it.
She's mastered moving backwards, but is getting pretty good at moving forward and even turning. 

here are a few cute pictures of Indie.

She's still pretty much doing the same ol stuff. 
Eating the same.
Sleeping the same.
The only difference is teething.
She's been pretty whiny.
I'll put her down on the ground with some toys and leave to do something and she'll be totally be fine & chill, but when she sees me she'll start whining and yelling at me.
This only happens like once a day but its still weird.
She's drooling tons.
It's gross.
Baby girl's breath is kinda stinky.

Indie fell asleep while I was feeding her.

Today is really nice so I took her outside. 
She doesn't like sitting on the grass anymore. 
Check out those cute shoes.
Gotta love Target!


Chad. Leigh. Janessa said...

I'm lovin' this! she's such a doll! But I mean, why wouldn't she be? one, she's got you for a mom. two, she's a lakers' fan. and three, she's part poly. The girl is blessed. :) I think we need to get Janessa a walker. Girl is sick of just standing in her play saucer thing. She wants to walk. lol. Glad to see Indie so active and has a tooth?! Not Janessa. She's just whiney and yells at me on occasion - just because. Oh the life. ;)

Carsen and Lesina said...

Indie is a doll. I'm finally back trying to blog. Glad we saw her before you took her away so you can party at the wedding.