a samoan wedding.

We went to down to Sin City for my sister Cordelia's wedding. It was a nice break from reality. We stayed at my parents house for 3 days then we took Indie to St. George for 3 days so we could have a little fun after 8pm. It was really hard to leave her, but it was nice to stay out late too. Our first day in Vegas was Dan's b-day and Indie was fussy pretty much all day long and she had a fever. On Wednesday when we took her to St. George we noticed another little tooth poking out. Now our little girl has 2 teeth! 

We got back from St.George and checked into our hotel room. It was a really nice hotel and we were lucky because my sister got everyone a really good deal on rooms. It was fun hanging out with all my family for the week. Instead of a rehearsal dinner or meet and greet Cord & Malu decided to go bowling. It was way fun, but only because I beat Dan in the 1st game and our second game was stopped so we had to start all over. Dan was killing me. Oh Well.

The wedding was so pretty. I loved the venue! Everyone was hoping the weather would be nice and it was. They were married on the balcony. It was sunny and there was no wind! There were t.v.s next to the bar so my family took all the tables in front of the t.v.s because the Lakers game was on. The food was good, the Lakers won, the band was amazing, and we danced all night{well until 11pm}. It was so much fun. I wish I took better pictures of Cord and Malu but I was sitting so far away from them during the ceremony. 

The venue was like a night club. It was awesome.

While we were in Vegas staying up all night my baby was swimming in ST.G.


Chad. Leigh. Janessa said...

where did you get her cute cute swim suit???

Fiti said...

Hey Leigh! I got it at gymboree in vegas.