teeth & a walk.

Indie is teething. 
So she's been pretty fussy for a couple of days and she has been sucking on just about everything.
On Sunday she grabbed my finger and put it in her mouth and that's when I felt that sharp little sucker that has been causing my baby so much pain.
After feeling that we went to the store to stock up teething supplies.
She has teething toys, but she doesn't really care too much for them. 
She would rather suck on her socks or her blanket.
The new teething toys worked for a bit but got old pretty fast.
My sister in law told me to wet a washcloth and put it in the freezer for a bit until it was crinkly.
That has worked the best so far. 
Well that plus oral gel & tylenol. 
I tried to take a picture of her tiny baby tooth but I failed and got some sad pictures instead.

i was so close to getting it but that tongue got in the way.
{don't mind the little booger}

{bitter beer face}

{Trying to make her gums feel better}

We went for a walk today, even though it was a bit chilly, to try to comfort Indie. It worked. She loves her some stroller time.


Lisa and Devin Graff said...

A tooth! So cute. Its hard to believe are little baby's are growing so fast! Your are the cutest mom ever:) Tynlee was pretty fussy yesterday but i think it was because she was constipated...she was pushing so hard her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head. haha. I hope you are doing great!

Fred & Shenna Frost said...

Your daughter is so cute Fiti! :0) I'm lucky that my girls never really had a hard time with teething. :) Thanks for the comment you left on my Photoshop post..Lol@stalker. Feel free girl...I have another Photoshop Compulsion post if you want to check out some other things I designed. I added the link to that post at the bottom of my Photoshop Comp. II post...have a great weekend! Ü