8 months & a friends birthday party.

Indie is 8 months!
She is getting so big. 
She is in the 90th percentile for weight and height!
I don't remember how much she weighs(i know i'm a bad mom)
BUT she's 28 inches long.
She is so big for her age, but the nurse told me that she is the perfect weight for how tall she is.
Not too big, not too small!

She is not crawling yet.
She's trying really hard to though.
Well she tries really hard for a minute or two then gives up and decides to roll to her toys. 

Oh and did I mention that this little girl has two teeth?
Cause she does.

The funny thing about my baby getting older is noticing how she is different with her mommy and daddy.
For instance when I try to wipe her face after eating she turns into a drama queen and screams and fights, but when Dan does it she will let him wipe her mouth and sometimes even pucker her lips like she's helping him get all the food off!
She only likes when I feed her her bottle before bed time. She will not let Dan do it. She moves and fights him when he tries to.

We went to a birthday party for my good friend Laila.
It was her daughter Ava's 1st birthday party!
It was out side and the decorations were darling so Indie was loving looking around at all the pretty flowers.

Laila and I have been trying to get our babies to meet since the day they were born.
Every time we've hung out one of the babies were always out of town.
Before we left for the party Dan told me that he can't believe Indie isn't even one yet and she still gets invited to birthday parties.

Laila and the Birthday Girl AVA!

it's hard work getting two babies to take a picture.

It was a fun and way cute birthday party!