one month older and our summer.

not much has changed with indie. 
she crawls faster and is better at pulling herself up onto things.

she eats more big people food.

she kisses everyone. she stopped for a bit but now she likes kisses.

her naps are shorter.

she some how gets everything she's not suppose to get.
like our cell phone chargers, headphones, dan's xbox mic
i swear we hide them and keep them up high. 
i guess not.

she's getting sick of gabba.
she really only likes it when she's getting tired.

her new thing when she's fussy is to cry and make a helicopter sound with her lips.
its so annoying.

but other than that i can't really think of anything that is different.
OH but she did stand up for a couple of seconds. 
it was pretty cool. she wasn't holding anything.

we moved AGAIN.
from sandy to herriman.
our place in sandy had mold so we left.
so far we really like herriman. 
we pretty much live in day break so i really like the location.
we took indie for a walk around the lake and shops at daybreak.
we stopped at a store and i left dan and indie and when i got back i saw this

she loved it.

we went to the farmers market in downtown slc.
it was HOT.
it was fun spending time with my sister and little brother.

indie got pretty sleeping while we were there.
after we went to MO BETTAH STEAKS and she was wide awake for the food.

on sunday my family had dinner at my brother franny's house.
indie hates grass.
she won't sit on it so she just stays on the blanket.
watching her outside is easy peasy.
(cousins. fiti,indie,elle,alyia,& ryce)

shopping before dinner with the family.

the next day we went to samoan flag week.
i grew up going to it every year 
and this was dans first time going.
we pretty much only went for the food.
its like a family reunion for me. 
i get to see all my cousin.
the ones i only see once a year at flag week.
we found a booth selling samoan baby bracelets 
so i had to get one for indie.
she got so excited when i put it on her arm.

we still have some things i still want to do this summer like 
go swimming.
(i know i'm a bad mom. but our pool is always crowded with people and today it was closed cause some kid pooped in it.)
the zoo.
see grandma & grandpa in vegas.
meet baby taytum.

we have to brand spankin new nieces.



and indie's getting 2 more cousin this summer also!