I suck at updating my blog.
It's just been hard for me to remember to post.
Plus my camera has been m.i.a cause someone is too
lazy to charge it.

So Our anniversary was yesterday!
We couldn't do anything because Dan works
on Sundays from 1pm to 10pm.
(worst time ever)
so we went out on Friday.
It was fun and nice going to a restaurant 
without little hands pulling our plates.
I'm lucky I have a guy like Dan!
He treats me like a princess. 
Seriously, I'm pretty spoiled.

2 years went by so fast.
Plus our little baby is almost 1.
She's 11 months today.

She's bear crawling everywhere!

She's too scared to stand without holding onto something.
She'll just sit down if we let go of her.

She climbs on everything.
at first we were so excited when she climbed up onto he couch, but now it scares me.

flaming hot cheetos
she just loves food.

she also loves babies!
she likes to kiss her cousin Farrah that's 1 month old.

she'll let anyone and everyone carry her. 
which is kind of scary cause she'll go to strangers.

she's been a bit of a drama queen.
when she can't get to something or I take something away from her
she acts like its the end of the world and falls back with her hands on her head and screams.

she loves elmo.

she still love walking, with help.

she loves being outside.
she can just sit and chill when she's outside.

She loves reading books.

Her favorite songs are popcorn popping on the apricot tree and head, shoulders, knees and toes. 

She loves to cuddle.

 When Indie gets bored she does this with her lips.

she is such a funny baby.
we love this girl more than anything in the world.
i can't believe she's going to be one next month.
it makes me sad and happy at the same time.

Indie and I went on a little trip to St. George for my niece Taytum's baby blessing.
I think we spent the whole weekend outside.
we went swimming in the morning and to the splash pad and then swimming again after the blessing brunch.
indie in her cute swim suit.
at the splash pad with some cousins. Indie was tired after swimming in the morning. these are only some of her Palepoi cousins. she has 3 brand spanking new cousin and 7 older cousins that couldn't make it. 

at the brunch after taytum's blessing.

swimming after the brunch. 
indie loves being in the pool.
she started trying to swim. 

We had tons of fun in St. George.
It was nice seeing family from Vegas and visiting our family that live in St. George.
After spending most of the time outside I was so happy to be home.