We've been trying to go outside as much as we can before it gets too cold. 
We still go on walks after dinner (which she loves) but that's usually when it starts to get dark. 
Indie doesn't really like grass so she just stays on the sidewalk. 
She walks all the time, but she crawls faster. 
So when she wants to get away from me she crawls. 

She likes pushing her princess car around on the sidewalk, but that gets boring so she usually leaves it behind and keeps walking.

I love these pictures. 
I told her to say HI to daddy.

So she got this Baby Belle doll for her birthday and it's her favorite. She loves her new baby. She kisses her and carries her everywhere.

I babysat my nephew Chase for a bit and he played with Indie outside.
They played on the playground but Indie wasn't feeling it. 
She hated the slide.
But liked spinning the tic tac toe game thing.
Chase pushed her around the playground. 
They both loved it.
But not when I stopped them to take a picture.

I know Indie doesn't have shoes in any of these pictures.
That's cause she has a hard time walking with shoes on.
So i just take them off. 
It's no fun if you can't get around.

I'm excited for fall and winter.
Mostly for the clothes and holidays.
But i will miss being able to let indie go barefoot outside.
 Someone needs to learn how to walk with shoes on.


We celebrated Indie's birthday party yesterday.
It was so stressful planning it, but it was worth it.
It was fun spending time with our family and friends.

  • Like a true Samoan family the party started way late. We're always on Samoan time:) or as Dan calls it SPT {standard Polynesian time}
  • We had to go buy disposable grills because we reserved the only park in Utah that didn't have a grill.
  • And we forgot all the hot dogs in our fridge at home. 
  • Plus we forgot Indie's smash cake {also in our fridge} so my little brother and sister had to make a 2nd trip to our apartment to get the cake.
  • We also rented a cotton candy machine and then discovered that the pavilion had no outlets. {BIG waste of $$ & I'm happy I didn't get the snow cone machine my sister said we MUST have}
BUT even after all the crappy stuff it was still fun and way cute!

We decorated the pavilion with tissue balls and pink lanterns {kind of a waste cause the wind blew most of them away}
and the tables with these cute vases. LOVE this idea. I'm lucky I have such a creative friend to show me this idea.

Party People.

It's always a good time spending time with family, but food makes it so much better:)
We had chicken, bbq pulled pork, and eventually hot dogs.
Potato salad, mac & cheese, chili, guacamole, chips, rolls and rice.
We also had a dessert table that disappeared pretty fast. 

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!

Smash Cake!


Indie is ONE.
Time really does fly.
Dan and I were talking about what a big deal it was when Indie first rolled over and how now she's walking.
I've loved watching her grow and learn over this year.
Indie already has such a loving personality.
It's crazy, but people love this girl.
She smiles at everyone, so if we're in grocery store people are always stopping and talking to her. 
Plus she reaches out to them like she wants them to hold her, so it makes them like her even more :)
I love that she'll go to anyone when we're with our family, but she tries to go to strangers that smile at her and that gets scary.
I don't want her feeling comfortable with a complete stranger.
But anyway
Indie just loves people.

This is the first picture ever taken of my little angel.
And it's my favorite.
She looks so precious.

So here's a little update on my girl.
  • She loves food. Especially when she's feeding herself.
  • She walks. She's getting better everyday.
  • She gets into everything.
  • She still love Yo Gabba Gabba
  • She loves yelling yo gabba gabba but it's more like oohh dedada dedada or something like that. 
  • She loves music.
  • She love books. 
  • She throws tantrums.
  • She dances.
  • She climbs onto everything.
  • She chews on paper like its gum.
  • She likes to brush her teeth all by herself.
  • She cries when bath time is over.
  • She loves Da Dee. 
  • She calls dan Da Dee and me Mom. 

Indie took her One Year pictures and here are a few of my favorites.

We are celebrating her birthday on Saturday. I can't wait to see all our family!