Indie is ONE.
Time really does fly.
Dan and I were talking about what a big deal it was when Indie first rolled over and how now she's walking.
I've loved watching her grow and learn over this year.
Indie already has such a loving personality.
It's crazy, but people love this girl.
She smiles at everyone, so if we're in grocery store people are always stopping and talking to her. 
Plus she reaches out to them like she wants them to hold her, so it makes them like her even more :)
I love that she'll go to anyone when we're with our family, but she tries to go to strangers that smile at her and that gets scary.
I don't want her feeling comfortable with a complete stranger.
But anyway
Indie just loves people.

This is the first picture ever taken of my little angel.
And it's my favorite.
She looks so precious.

So here's a little update on my girl.
  • She loves food. Especially when she's feeding herself.
  • She walks. She's getting better everyday.
  • She gets into everything.
  • She still love Yo Gabba Gabba
  • She loves yelling yo gabba gabba but it's more like oohh dedada dedada or something like that. 
  • She loves music.
  • She love books. 
  • She throws tantrums.
  • She dances.
  • She climbs onto everything.
  • She chews on paper like its gum.
  • She likes to brush her teeth all by herself.
  • She cries when bath time is over.
  • She loves Da Dee. 
  • She calls dan Da Dee and me Mom. 

Indie took her One Year pictures and here are a few of my favorites.

We are celebrating her birthday on Saturday. I can't wait to see all our family!

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JewelzMok said...

Indie is so dang beautiful! I loved reading this blog about how she's grown :) Happy 1st birthday, Indie!!