We've been trying to go outside as much as we can before it gets too cold. 
We still go on walks after dinner (which she loves) but that's usually when it starts to get dark. 
Indie doesn't really like grass so she just stays on the sidewalk. 
She walks all the time, but she crawls faster. 
So when she wants to get away from me she crawls. 

She likes pushing her princess car around on the sidewalk, but that gets boring so she usually leaves it behind and keeps walking.

I love these pictures. 
I told her to say HI to daddy.

So she got this Baby Belle doll for her birthday and it's her favorite. She loves her new baby. She kisses her and carries her everywhere.

I babysat my nephew Chase for a bit and he played with Indie outside.
They played on the playground but Indie wasn't feeling it. 
She hated the slide.
But liked spinning the tic tac toe game thing.
Chase pushed her around the playground. 
They both loved it.
But not when I stopped them to take a picture.

I know Indie doesn't have shoes in any of these pictures.
That's cause she has a hard time walking with shoes on.
So i just take them off. 
It's no fun if you can't get around.

I'm excited for fall and winter.
Mostly for the clothes and holidays.
But i will miss being able to let indie go barefoot outside.
 Someone needs to learn how to walk with shoes on.

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