We celebrated Indie's birthday party yesterday.
It was so stressful planning it, but it was worth it.
It was fun spending time with our family and friends.

  • Like a true Samoan family the party started way late. We're always on Samoan time:) or as Dan calls it SPT {standard Polynesian time}
  • We had to go buy disposable grills because we reserved the only park in Utah that didn't have a grill.
  • And we forgot all the hot dogs in our fridge at home. 
  • Plus we forgot Indie's smash cake {also in our fridge} so my little brother and sister had to make a 2nd trip to our apartment to get the cake.
  • We also rented a cotton candy machine and then discovered that the pavilion had no outlets. {BIG waste of $$ & I'm happy I didn't get the snow cone machine my sister said we MUST have}
BUT even after all the crappy stuff it was still fun and way cute!

We decorated the pavilion with tissue balls and pink lanterns {kind of a waste cause the wind blew most of them away}
and the tables with these cute vases. LOVE this idea. I'm lucky I have such a creative friend to show me this idea.

Party People.

It's always a good time spending time with family, but food makes it so much better:)
We had chicken, bbq pulled pork, and eventually hot dogs.
Potato salad, mac & cheese, chili, guacamole, chips, rolls and rice.
We also had a dessert table that disappeared pretty fast. 

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!

Smash Cake!


Shelly said...

Looks like a lot of fun...I'm sad we couldn't be there. Indie looks so cute eating her cake.

JewelzMok said...

So cute, Fiti!! Wish we could have made it. Glad everything turned out great!

Engelbrechts said...

what a cute little birthday party! I can't believe she's one... holy thats crazy.

Engelbrechts said...

What a cute birthday party!! can't believe she's one... holy thats crazy. I hope everything is going well!!