Big Sister.

We're pregnant.
& it was a big, but nice surprise.
Indie will be a big sister to a cute little baby sister.
We're excited about having two girls cause
it will save us money on clothes and all baby stuff.
I'm due on Feb. 1 
which makes me 23 weeks today.
This pregnancy has been so different from the 1st one.
I haven't thrown up, but I've been way more tired this time around(probably cause I have to chase Indie around)
This one seems to be going by way faster also.
{I hope I didn't just jinx myself}
I'm way nervous about having 2 little girls.
They'll be 18 months apart so I'll basically be have twins. ha
Hopefully I'll get the energy to take care of 2 babies by the time baby girl comes.


Brandilynn said...

Congratulations Fiti!! You are such a cute mommy already. They will love being that close when they are older!

Chad. Leigh. Janessa said...

congrats you guys! how fun for your sweet little family! and two little girls will be a blast! :)