family time.{picture overload}

The past couple of weeks have been so busy for us. I feel like we're never home. We got to spend so much time with our families during the last like 3 weeks! We first had Indie's party, then my nephew and niece had parties the next week. Then we went down to Las Vegas for Jessie and Missy's wedding and stopped in St. George for a day. And then the next week we has Lincoln's blessing. And on top of all of that we've had football games every friday.

So we decided to stay in St. George for a bit to visit family before we left Indie to go to my cousins wedding in Vegas. It was so hot. I seriously melted. Indie got to spend the weekend with Dan's family.We never get to see them cause we live in slc. She is such a people person so it makes life easy for us.We can leave her with anyone and she'll just make herself at home. Indie followed her cousin Zaya around everywhere she went.
Zaya told Dan, " your baby is driving me crazy!"

{cricket & indie}

While Indie was being spoiled in St. George we were staying up all night in Vegas.
We had fun hanging out with family.
I got to spend some girl time with my other half Sally.
We of course went shopping.
That's kind of what we do best.

The wedding was so beautiful.
The food awesome and the band was even better.
We had so much fun that night.
During the ceremony Zion{jay and missy's son} decided he was bored so he ran out of the gazebo and played in the grass.
It was so cute.

After being away from Indie for 2 days I had to wait another day to see her because I got sick in Vegas. I stayed in Vegas an extra day, got better than picked up Indie to go back home. My parents brought us back home and they stayed in slc for the rest of the week. I loved having my parents in town. They always make sure we're well fed. Plus Indie loves my dad. He had to hold her while he cooked dinner cause she would follow him everywhere and reach out to him. So my parents were up here all week and then my brother and his family came from HAWAII!! Dan never got the chance to meet my brother and his family. He met my little nephew Tony but only for like an hour. I was way excited for Dan and Indie to meet Tony and Tara and all their kids. Since my brother Tony made it all the way from hawaii all my brothers and sisters were together for the first time in like years.
ALL 14
{tony, francis, lynnette, anton, cordelia, jane, sina, segi, janet, maila, me, tenny, daniel, & tai}

Only some of us took individual family pictures.
Anton's family was in Vegas & Segi's was too busy to take one.

here is a picture of our little family. 

my grandma also traveled from Vegas to visit all her palepoi grand children.
i LOVE this picture.
a generation picture of my grandma, mom, my oldest sister nette, and oldest niece rya.

So we have 20 grand babies in our huge family.
{i think}
here is a pic of some of them.
{olivia, anton, lincoln, ephraim, tony, marley, fou, rya, taytum, tai, indie, jaelyn, mason, chase, fiti, alyia. we were missing teni cause he was playing on the playground & elle, ryce, and farrah}
& we're adding to the madness with another little girl.

So that was pretty much the last couple of weeks. 
It was crazy & busy but it was so fun hanging out with everyone.
We got to see all of our brothers & sisters in just 2 weeks!
We are so lucky t0 have such great families. 

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