hello fall.

Fall you are finally here!
Me and my pregnant behind have been waiting for you.
Now I know its been fall for a while but the leaves & the weather just started changing so I'm saying fall has just arrived.
I love everything about fall.
The cooler temp.
Halloween & Thanksgiving.
Boots  & cardigan weather.
& going outside with out dying from the heat.
Since it's getting closer to Halloween we decided it was time to take Indie to a pumpkin patch.
We went with our friends Laila & Peter & little Ava.
It was cute seeing them playing with the pumpkins.
I took so many cute pictures of Indie it's ridiculous.
She loves to smile. 

Indie & Ava
picking pumpkins.

So weird. Indie's new thing is pointing.

There was also a corn maze at the pumpkin patch.
Indie tried to pull the leaves off.
She wanted to walk the whole time, but she was walking slow because of the uneven ground. We ended up carrying her most of the time.
a very pregnant me with my sweet little doll. 

 {The Talivakaolas}
 The only picture we could take of both of them sitting still.
 We went on a tractor ride too. I liked it cause I was getting sick of standing & walking. :)

This made me excited for Halloween.
I can't wait to put Indie in her costume. 
Fall really is the best time. 
Not too cold and not too hot.
i LOVES it.


Chad. Leigh. Janessa said...

FUN! We are going to a corn maze this weekend. I've been anticipating it for weeks! Looks like you guys had fun! You look great!! When are you due again? AND what is Indie being for Halloween? I can't believe how big Indie is. She's such a big girl! Crazy how time flies!

dan.fiti.indie said...

Hey Leigh! I'm due Feb. 1st. Indie is going to be a lady bug. What is janessa going to be for halloween?