trick or treat.

Since today is Halloween I made caramel apples. 
While I was dipping the apples in the caramel Indie decided she should climb onto the counter and get some candy. 
She is becoming a monster. Climbing and getting into everything, throwing things everywhere, and getting whatever sticky mess she has on her hands all over the couches and walls. 
This was too funny. She ate a kit kat by sucking it out of the wrapper. 

This was Indie's first time trick or treating. 
Before going trick or treating we had dinner at village inn.
We usually hate that place, but the one at the district is pretty dang good.
We took her to my sister's neighborhood in South Jordan. 
She loved walking down the street. 
She obviously had no idea what was going on, but she loved getting candy from everyone. 
Every time someone opened their door Indie tried to walk in the house. 
Once she had the piece of candy in her hand it went straight to her mouth. 
We saw a little girl dressed as brobee from yo gabba gabba and Indie loved it. 
She tried talking to brobee saying, "ba bababa". Pretty dang cute. 
After going around the cul de sac 
(cause we're lazy parents & indie was getting tired) 
we passed out candy at my sister's house. 
Indie stayed by the door and tried to open it. 
We went back home to pass out candy at our apartments and Indie looked through her candy. 
Then we ended the night with hot chocolate and caramel apples. 

Checking out all the goods.

baby bump update.
I'm 26 weeks and 5 days.
Indie likes to rub my belly.
and baby girl likes to kick extra hard when indie is on top of her.

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