mini me.

i made Indie my mini me.
whether she likes it or not.
i just dress her in stuff i would wear.
leggings & boots, shorts & tights, cardigans & skinny jeans
all i need to do is find her a little blazer then she'll be her mommy.

my little fashionista in the making.

I can tell she's going to be like her mama when it comes to clothes.
She loves flowers and sparkly things.
& girlfriend LOVES shoes. 
She's always bringing shoes to me to put on her 
but they never match. 

30 weeks.

I'm 30 weeks.
I've been so uncomfortable it's not even funny.
My back hurts which is weird because I never had back pain with Indie.
{probably all the extra weight ha}
I have had horrible heartburn.
But not bad enough for me to change the way I've been eating:)
I think eating bad delicious food is worth suffering through the heartburn.
I have also had insomnia.
I can't get comfortable enough to sleep & I can't turn my brain off.
But Dan has been working graves and it's kind of sad but I have been getting more sleep since he's been gone all night.
I'm lovin this weather.
I don't have to wear a jacket cause I'm cold when I leave my apartment, but after walking 3 stories down to my car I'm hot. 
I'm also to the point where my shirts are pretty much belly shirts, my pants need help staying buttoned up, oh and wearing heels has become a struggle.
{but I'm a girlie girl and I choose to suffer in heels.}

Christmas Tree.

I set our Christmas tree up 2 days before Thanksgiving.
It was ok, but not quite how I wanted it.
So I took everything down & put it back up plus more. 

Now all I have to do is make sure my tasmainian devil daughter stays away from it.
She's doing pretty well so far cause she's kind of scared of the pokey tree, but she's getting more brave everyday. 
My poor tree might be trashed before Christmas. It's a good thing I took pictures just in case.


I'm grateful for having 2 wonderful people in my life. I'm grateful that I'm a mom & a wife. Being a mom is so rewarding. I'm grateful for my healthy, happy daughter and for being able to be stay at home with her and watch her grow. I'm grateful for my husband who works really hard for our little family. Everything he does is for his girls! I love them both so much and I'm happy I get to spend everyday with them. 


can i just say how much Dan and I hate toy story 3.
we have to watch it every morning.
i know every line in that movie.
at the end when andy drives off to college gets indie every time.
she hates it.
i don't know if it's cause the movie is over or if it's cause andy is leaving woody & buzz & all those other toys.
all i know is right when he drives off she screams.
this video was more dramatic then how she usually acts.
i was really mean and rewound the movie so i could record her.
so she had to see it twice.
she usually stops crying when the credits come on and shows little clips.
it's sad but so cute. 

well hello 3rd trimester.

I'm 28 weeks.
I'm in my 3rd trimester and happy I only have 3 more months till we meet little Maya.