30 weeks.

I'm 30 weeks.
I've been so uncomfortable it's not even funny.
My back hurts which is weird because I never had back pain with Indie.
{probably all the extra weight ha}
I have had horrible heartburn.
But not bad enough for me to change the way I've been eating:)
I think eating bad delicious food is worth suffering through the heartburn.
I have also had insomnia.
I can't get comfortable enough to sleep & I can't turn my brain off.
But Dan has been working graves and it's kind of sad but I have been getting more sleep since he's been gone all night.
I'm lovin this weather.
I don't have to wear a jacket cause I'm cold when I leave my apartment, but after walking 3 stories down to my car I'm hot. 
I'm also to the point where my shirts are pretty much belly shirts, my pants need help staying buttoned up, oh and wearing heels has become a struggle.
{but I'm a girlie girl and I choose to suffer in heels.}

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