can i just say how much Dan and I hate toy story 3.
we have to watch it every morning.
i know every line in that movie.
at the end when andy drives off to college gets indie every time.
she hates it.
i don't know if it's cause the movie is over or if it's cause andy is leaving woody & buzz & all those other toys.
all i know is right when he drives off she screams.
this video was more dramatic then how she usually acts.
i was really mean and rewound the movie so i could record her.
so she had to see it twice.
she usually stops crying when the credits come on and shows little clips.
it's sad but so cute. 

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Sara Soda said...

Ha ha ha... poor baby! She is so dang cute. If it makes you feel better, I started bawling when Andy left, too. I think we're soul sisters. :)