2011 went by too fast.
I'm ready for this new year.
I can't wait to meet Indie's little sister!
I feel like time is racing by and I'm trying to keep up.
I'm excited and nervous about the next few months of the new year.
I'm hoping I'll get the hang of being a mother of 2 babies.
I feel like Indie is growing up so fast.
At the beginning of last year she was just a widdle baby.
She just turned into a toddler over night.
She's been miss independent lately.
She's been playing in her room all by herself way more than usual, not wanting to cuddle as much, and wanting to do everything by herself.
I'm thinking it's because she knows she'll be sharing the spot light soon.

Each month Indie grew & grew.

In Feb. we went on a quick trip to Vegas to watch the USA Rugby Sevens Tournament. Indie was so little and she slept through a lot of it.

poor baby got RSV. :(

I turned 22 & Dan turned 26!

Cordelia & Malu got married.
We took another trip to Vegas for it.
We were apart from Indie for the first time ever.

We spent Easter in St. George.
Dan got offered a better job so we moved from Spanish Fork to Sandy.

We found out we were expecting another baby in May.
Indie will have a little sister to play with!
Due Feb. 1

We lived in Sandy for about a month then we found mold in our apartment so we moved AGAIN to Herriman.
I really hate moving.
It's a good thing that we love our place in Herriman.

We spent our summer going to 
birthday parties,

and playing outside.

In August we celebrated 2 wonderful years of being married.
We wanted to do something we use to do all the time that we haven't been able to do for a while.
We went out for sushi & a movie.

Indie and I went on a little trip to St. George Taytum's baby blessing.

During Fall we spent most of our Fridays at football games.

In September Indie turned the big ONE.

We celebrated her first birthday with family & friends.

We made another trip to Vegas for Jessie & Missy's wedding.
Indie stayed in St. George.

This year my whole family was together for the first time in years.
All 14 brothers & sisters.
Plus my grandma came up to SLC to visit so it made it sweeter.

Indie got 4 brand spankin new cousins!
Lincoln, Taytum, Farrah, & Nash.

I spent last year being pregnant & this year wasn't any different.


I'm sure next year will be more hectic and fun with 2 girls.
We are planing on NOT moving anywhere & not getting pregnant {lol}, so that will make life a lot easier.
I'm betting 2012 will be just as fun as 2011.

Christmas 2011

{continuing our Christmas ornament tradition. we decided to get her a different bird every year.} 

This year we had a chill Christmas.
Indie is still at the age where Christmas is just another day, so we just got her a couple of toys. 
Which she loved!
We pretty much cheated.
We took Indie to Target with us and showed her some toys & we picked the 3 that she played with the most.
Then we hid them till Christmas.
& by Christmas morning it was like she saw them for the first time.
Earlier that week we had her open gifts she got from family, but she didn't really care for unwrapping the gifts.
She actually wouldn't unwrap them. 
So we decided not to wrap her gifts because we would end up unwrapping them.
After she saw her gifts we tried to get her to help Dan unwrap one of his gifts, but she just didn't care to.

{a video of when indie saw her gifts}

{christmas eve pjs}
{meeting brobee}
{she's already a pro}

After playing with her new toys all morning and eating german pancakes, sausage, & a strawberry mango smoothie Indie took a long 3 hour nap.
When Indie finally woke up we went to my brothers for Dinner and the Lakers game.
Dinner was crazy good.
My sister in law Tavi makes paella every Christmas.
It's seriously one of my favorite dishes.
I mean how could you not love chicken, pork, sausage, mussel, squid, scallops veggies, & rice all in one dish.
My brother Anton fried a turkey & Tavi also made Chili Verde with pork, plus there was a honey baked ham. 
Samoans always eat all meat & like only have two sides. 
& we also had koko Samoa & french bread.{that's a must have}
I was seriously in a food coma.
We had tons of fun hanging out with family & close friends & watching all the kids go crazy. 
Indie was so excited to see all her cousins.
She played like a big kid. 
It's crazy last Christmas she was pretty much asleep all day and this year she was running around stealing her cousins toys and eating everyone's food.
Can't wait to see what she'll be like next year!

15 months.

Today Indie is 15 months.
We had her 15 month check up today & she 
weighs: 23.7 lbs
height: 30.5 in
oh and she has an ear infection.
I'm pretty sick of ear infections.
This is her 3rd one.
Plus she's teething so lately she's been super fussy.
{our nights have been long}

Things Indie likes:
yo gabba gabba
toy story 3
baby dolls
banging things together

a messy room.
I'm serious about the messy room.
She hates when I put her toys in the toy bin.
She yells and throws them out.
And when I put all her books on her book shelf she stands by anxious to throw them ALL on the ground.
I don't know whats up with her up, but she loves a messy room.
She even empties out her hamper with dirty clothes.
It gets worse because she takes her mess to the living room.
When Indies in the room all the pillows HAVE to be on the floor.
It drives me CRAZY.

green beans
string cheese
mandarin oranges
playing with daddy
saying hi to everyone she sees
playing with other kids
kissing herself in the mirror
looking in the mirror
brushing her teeth

Thing Indie dislikes:
tuco{my sister's dog}
when we turn off her shows
when its time to change her diaper
when we tell her "no"
when daddy leaves
She's grown so much over these past few months.
It amazes me how much she knows.
I love her little personality.
She's so social.
Not shy at all!
She has turned into a little devil.
Throwing things, climbing up onto everything thing, getting into everything, & cussing us out in her baby language. 
I know she's trying to tell us off too because she points her finger at us and says no no no & doodeedada in like a serious mad voice.

my favorite thing she does is blow kisses & she says SHHH and puts her tiny finger in on her cheek. sometimes she gets it on her lips.

I'm pretty excited to see what she'll learn next.

We took her to see Santa today and she's wasn't too happy.

temple square.

We went to temple square to check out the Christmas lights.
Indie didn't really care for the lights. 
She was more interested in Cricket, Tilly, & Dewy.
But like every year the Christmas lights were awesome. 


Indie's faces in these pictures kill me.

We took one picture together.
I really didn't want to take a picture (cause i'm fat & prego), plus it's in kind of a dumb spot.
There are pretty trees covered in lights & we took a picture in front a some fountain. 

So you see how Indie has no shoe.
I was pretty bummed cause I couldn't find her cute purple boots.
Then on the day that I find them we loose one at the temple. 

all i want for christmas...

i WISH i could get all these pretty little things for indie.

8.Zara Dress.
i had to do one for me.