2011 went by too fast.
I'm ready for this new year.
I can't wait to meet Indie's little sister!
I feel like time is racing by and I'm trying to keep up.
I'm excited and nervous about the next few months of the new year.
I'm hoping I'll get the hang of being a mother of 2 babies.
I feel like Indie is growing up so fast.
At the beginning of last year she was just a widdle baby.
She just turned into a toddler over night.
She's been miss independent lately.
She's been playing in her room all by herself way more than usual, not wanting to cuddle as much, and wanting to do everything by herself.
I'm thinking it's because she knows she'll be sharing the spot light soon.

Each month Indie grew & grew.

In Feb. we went on a quick trip to Vegas to watch the USA Rugby Sevens Tournament. Indie was so little and she slept through a lot of it.

poor baby got RSV. :(

I turned 22 & Dan turned 26!

Cordelia & Malu got married.
We took another trip to Vegas for it.
We were apart from Indie for the first time ever.

We spent Easter in St. George.
Dan got offered a better job so we moved from Spanish Fork to Sandy.

We found out we were expecting another baby in May.
Indie will have a little sister to play with!
Due Feb. 1

We lived in Sandy for about a month then we found mold in our apartment so we moved AGAIN to Herriman.
I really hate moving.
It's a good thing that we love our place in Herriman.

We spent our summer going to 
birthday parties,

and playing outside.

In August we celebrated 2 wonderful years of being married.
We wanted to do something we use to do all the time that we haven't been able to do for a while.
We went out for sushi & a movie.

Indie and I went on a little trip to St. George Taytum's baby blessing.

During Fall we spent most of our Fridays at football games.

In September Indie turned the big ONE.

We celebrated her first birthday with family & friends.

We made another trip to Vegas for Jessie & Missy's wedding.
Indie stayed in St. George.

This year my whole family was together for the first time in years.
All 14 brothers & sisters.
Plus my grandma came up to SLC to visit so it made it sweeter.

Indie got 4 brand spankin new cousins!
Lincoln, Taytum, Farrah, & Nash.

I spent last year being pregnant & this year wasn't any different.


I'm sure next year will be more hectic and fun with 2 girls.
We are planing on NOT moving anywhere & not getting pregnant {lol}, so that will make life a lot easier.
I'm betting 2012 will be just as fun as 2011.

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Shelly said...

What a fun post to look back on your year--good job!