Christmas 2011

{continuing our Christmas ornament tradition. we decided to get her a different bird every year.} 

This year we had a chill Christmas.
Indie is still at the age where Christmas is just another day, so we just got her a couple of toys. 
Which she loved!
We pretty much cheated.
We took Indie to Target with us and showed her some toys & we picked the 3 that she played with the most.
Then we hid them till Christmas.
& by Christmas morning it was like she saw them for the first time.
Earlier that week we had her open gifts she got from family, but she didn't really care for unwrapping the gifts.
She actually wouldn't unwrap them. 
So we decided not to wrap her gifts because we would end up unwrapping them.
After she saw her gifts we tried to get her to help Dan unwrap one of his gifts, but she just didn't care to.

{a video of when indie saw her gifts}

{christmas eve pjs}
{meeting brobee}
{she's already a pro}

After playing with her new toys all morning and eating german pancakes, sausage, & a strawberry mango smoothie Indie took a long 3 hour nap.
When Indie finally woke up we went to my brothers for Dinner and the Lakers game.
Dinner was crazy good.
My sister in law Tavi makes paella every Christmas.
It's seriously one of my favorite dishes.
I mean how could you not love chicken, pork, sausage, mussel, squid, scallops veggies, & rice all in one dish.
My brother Anton fried a turkey & Tavi also made Chili Verde with pork, plus there was a honey baked ham. 
Samoans always eat all meat & like only have two sides. 
& we also had koko Samoa & french bread.{that's a must have}
I was seriously in a food coma.
We had tons of fun hanging out with family & close friends & watching all the kids go crazy. 
Indie was so excited to see all her cousins.
She played like a big kid. 
It's crazy last Christmas she was pretty much asleep all day and this year she was running around stealing her cousins toys and eating everyone's food.
Can't wait to see what she'll be like next year!

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