37 weeks & our silly girl.

I'm 37 weeks.
I can't believe I'm this far along.
I feel like I just found out I was pregnant.
I haven't been getting that much sleep.
And I just started to get nauseous again.
Maybe it's a good thing.
Maybe it's my body telling me I need to stop eating.
I'm uncomfortable 99.99% of the day.
I really hate this part of pregnancy.
I just want to pop this baby out already.

So Indie has gotten so silly lately.
She does the weirdest things.
put her blanket over her head and walk into the couches and walls.
She laughs so hard.
she likes to try to stand on one foot.{Dan taught her that one}
But my favorite is when she does this.
She never flips over unless Dan helps her.
She loves doing this when she's tired, being silly playing with her Dad, or when she's throwing a tantrum.
She was obviously be silly in this picture.
I love this little monster.
Oh and I had to paint her "choos" cause she saw me painting mine.
She is a little girly girl.
She likes to watch me get ready.
We brush our hair together and she likes to use my make up brush to put make up on her forehead and cheeks. Its pretty cute.
And every time I put lip gloss on she puckers her lips.
I've never actually put it on her cause I know she'll lick it off but she thinks its on and that's all that matters.

When Indie was like 3 months Dan use to say how he couldn't wait till she was big enough to play with him.
Now they play all day long.
They have their little games and I love watching them.
They wrestle so much.
Indie never hits Me or other kids and she never pulls hair but for some reason she does it to Dan.
She's always picking on him.
When he plays xbox she likes to climb on the couch and get behind and pull his hair.
She thinks it's pretty funny.
I think Dan should probably chill out on the wrestling cause Indie got really hyper while they were playing and bit him.
I saw the whole thing but I couldn't stop laughing.
He just laid on the couch screaming and let her bite him for like 5 seconds.
When she finally let go she fell to the ground laughing.
I finally stopped laughing to take a picture.
Indie isn't violent at all with other people just her daddy.

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