life with 2 kiddies.

watching Indie's new fav show {fresh beat band}
Indie gets jealous when Dan holds baby Maya.
Baby girl loves to smile in her sleep.
Big girl bed.
How cute is Maya.
Getting a treat after dinner.
poor little girl cried herself to sleep because the big bad wolf blew the little piggy's straw house down. she really hated that big bad wolf.
Indie thinks she can fit in Maya's bouncer.
this one loves to play under her high chair.
rockin grandma's sunglasses
peas & meatballs.

So last Thursday Maya was a week old!
She is sleeping pretty much all day long.
She is killing us cause she is up at like 3am to 4am.
We're having a hard time keeping this sleepy girl up during the day so she doesn't kills us at night.
She eats every two hours.
We love watching her sleep cause she's a smiley, sleepy baby.

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