Maya is 1 month

Maya is ONE month.
she is..
9 lbs 9.5 oz {70th percentile}
22 inches {90th percentile}

where did time go?
 i can't believe it's been a month already. 
maya is such a beautiful little blessing in our lives.
she seems so much older than what she is.
she is very alert and way strong.
she has rolled over onto her back 
& she can lift her head up.
she is only fussy when she's hungry, tired, 
& at night before she sleeps.
she stays up from 10 to 1 eating every hour and looking around the room.
then around 1 she's out cold till 7 am.
We can't believe that she's sleeping through the night.
she actually started sleeping in till 7 am when she was 3 weeks.
so i have no complaints about sleeping.
maya is such a big girl.
i love her double chin.
she is starting to get rolls.
we think she'll be bigger than indie.
 check out that double chin

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