Maya Sue

Maya is finally here! 
it amazes me how much she looks likes her big sis.
{birth story}
i was scheduled to be induced on thursday at 7:30am.
i was ready to be induced. 
when we got to the hospital everything went by so fast.
i was given medication and my doctor broke my water and before i knew it was getting really strong contractions that were 5 minutes or less apart.
i'm a big wimp, so i immediately got an epidural around 9:30.
i had insomnia during my last trimester, so i was hoping to get some sleep before i popped out maya
but i couldn't because i was progressing so fast that 
my nurse was constantly checking in on me.
around 12:30 i was already dilated to a 10 and almost ready to push.
my nurse got really worried so she called the doctor and started getting ready for the delivery.
my doctor came in and said it was close but not quite time for me  to start pushing. 
so he left to check on a couple of his patients and said he'd be back in 10-15 minutes.
when he came back i started pushing.
and about 15 or so minutes later i could hear little maya's cry.
i could not believe how fast and easy my labor and delivery was.

Maya Sue DeWitt
was born on Thursday January 26, 2012
at 1:08 pm
7 lbs 11 oz
20 inches

{picture overload}

we adore this little baby.

indie meeting her little sis.

Taking a nap with daddy.

 BIG sister & LITTLE sister

while we were at the hospital a photographer came to our room to take picture of maya. 
here are some of the pictures i got from the website.
we were anxious to get home after being in a little hospital room for two days.
the only time i left the room was to go on a very short walk.
i decided to put maya in the same take home outfit as indie.
they are so close together in age i figured it would still be a cute outfit and it would just be cute to see them in the same outfit.
{maya & indie right before we took them home.}

taking maya home.

we are so happy to finally meet our little angel. 
she is perfect & sweet.


Rob and Heather said...

Congrats! she is beautiful. Your girls look so much like each other. Love that. You guys are so lucky!!!

Chad. Leigh. Janessa said...

oh my heck that little one is SO PRECIOUS! it is crazy how much alike they look. I think maya has a little bit diff eyes and tiny diff mouth. I love your idea to bring them home in the same outfit. that's cute. Things sound like they are going well. Bless you all. Congrats!

Mary said...

She is a beauty! I'm so glad everything went to well!