18 months with Indie

I can't believe Indie is 18 months today.
She's so not a baby anymore, it's sad.
This girl has so much personality we don't even know what to do with her sometimes.
We love EVERYTHING about this girl.

Indie Loves.....
Fresh Beat Band
Green Beans
Watching Us Cook
Feeding Herself
Getting Ready With Mommy
Indie has become a little toddler. She's getting picky with food and she destroys everything in her path. She loves throwing her clothes out of her dresser and she screams when I put them back in. Another thing she loves to do is sit on her toddler bed and read her books. She use to love reading with us. Now she just take the book away and reads it herself. She's starting to pay a little more attention to Maya. She loves helping us burp Maya and she loves tickling her. When Indie is watching her shows she will randomly run up to where ever Maya is laying and kiss her then go back to watching her show. It amazes me how much she has learned. She loves counting. She whispers the numbers, but she yells BIVE, SII, SHEBEN, EIGHT! Then she has to clap and say yay after 10. Its probably one of the cutest things. Indie is obsessed with fresh beat band. She knows all the songs and dances. It's funny to watch her try to do the same dance moves. She's doing pretty good on letting us know when she's thirsty or hungry by giving us her sippy cup or her snack container. But I can't wait until she can talk. She usually whines and yells until she finds her sippy to give to me. I'm excited to see how much Indie will learn in the next few months(:

Lovin her dress ups she got from her cousin Zaya.

Look how much Indie has grown HERE.

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