Maya is 2 months old.

Maya Sue is 2 months old!
she is
11 lbs. 4 oz
22.5 inches 

She is such a little sweetheart. 
She sleeps through the night.
She eats a ton.
She loves to smile.
She likes when Indie tickles her.
She loves sucking on her hands.
She's a pro at rolling over. 
She doesn't care for tummy time so she just rolls onto her back.
She kicks her blanket off. 
She likes the sound of the vacuum.
She loves her swing and bouncer.
She likes being rocked.
Maya doesn't really like when Indie screams.

i HEART maya

it has been so fun watching this girl learn & grow.
they grow so fast. too fast.

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Trav and Amanda said...

Adorable! I can't believe how cute your girls are and you always dress them so darling too!