Today was such a nice day. The weather was perfect! We were excited for this Easter because Indie is old enough to actually hunt for Easter eggs. When Indie got up we gave her her Easter basket and she loved it. She slowly took each gift out one by one. She stopped to look through each book before grabbing the next. When she saw her Dora the explorer book she smiled and yelled "saltar, saltar, saltar" We were crackin up. She'll probably learn Spanish before she learns to speak English ha. We put her in her high chair so she could color with the new crayons & coloring books we got her. But she decided to color the high chair too. It's a good thing we got washable crayons. 

After giving her high chair a make over we had crepes for our Easter breakfast. It was Indie's first time eating Nutella and she loved it. 

We went to my sister's house for dinner and the Easter egg hunt.
All the kids were so excited to search for eggs. Indie spent most of her time running around my sisters back yard and trying to play with the big kids on the tramp. When they actually did the egg hunt Indie walked around the yard with Daniel picking up eggs and shaking them before she threw them in her basket. She got tired of picking up eggs pretty fast. She just wanted to sit down and take all the eggs out and put them back in. She loves doing that. 

My favorite part of Easter is putting the girls in a cute little Easter dress. Indie actually picked out Maya's dress. We were at baby gap and Indie was going crazy running around and she grabbed this pink dress and took off. Dan took it from her and decided to get it for Maya. That Indie has great taste.

Easter was fun & we can't wait for next year when both of the girls will be hunting for eggs!

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Lindsey & Tony said...

Such a cute little girl! I love that your blog is connected to facebook. I didn't even know you had a blog.