{three} months

Maya is 3 months. How crazy is that? She has grown so much. Now I know that I've said Maya is strong, but really. Maya is STRONG. She rolled from her tummy to her back at 3 weeks and now she can roll over onto her tummy from her back. It was so cute watching her try to hard to roll onto her tummy. Then one day while I was washing dishes I saw her on her tummy when I knew for a fact I laid her down on her back. She's not only strong, but she's super smiley. She's always sticking her tongue out. Almost every picture i have of her her little tongue is peeking out. She's still sleeping through the night. Her bed time is a different every night but always between 8 and 10. Maya has been talking tons also. Her and Indie have had some interesting convos. Indie likes tickling Maya and just started playing patty cake with her. Indies new favorite thing is making Maya clap her hands. I get worried she's being too rough, but Maya always has a big smile. I feel like Maya is always eating. She loves her bottle. I stopped keeping track of how much milk this girl eats. Its a lot. She has gotten so big over the last few weeks. Her cheeks are chubbier and she's too long for all her 0-3 mos body suits. She loves being held and we hold her all the time. I'm excited to watch her learn new things in the month.

{pretty little M}
{that tongue}
{her sissy's making her smile in this one}
{cracking up}
{up from her nap happy as can be}

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