20 months.

My little Indie is 20 months today.
Just 4 months away from being a 2 year old.
I'm freaking out.
Since Maya's been born Indie has been a little closer to her daddy. She use to only want me when she was tired or hurt. Now she'll run to Dan because Maya is always on my lap. I love that their best friends. It's cute to watch them play their little games. I get my a little time with just me & Indie in the morning  when Maya takes a little nap after eating. Once I put Maya down Indie runs over to me so we can cuddle and watch bubble guppies. I love that time.

She has a feisty and friendly personality. She's always going up to strangers and saying hi. Well more like "HI BABY". Cause everyone is baby to Indie. Sometimes she even tries to sit in their laps. She is OBSESSED with slides. Everything is a slide to miss Indie. EVERYTHING. She slides down the couches, our legs, & anything else she can find. When we're at a playground she only plays on the slide. She loves the play area at city creek. The second time we went there she got really brave. Indie started copying the big kids and tried climbing up the dinosaurs. She really loves it.

Indie's new favorite thing is coloring. She just started to really enjoy it. And she's not eating the crayons {as much as she use to anyway}. Anything that looks like a crayon or pencil is just that. I caught her using a medicine dispenser to write on one of her books. She also used a stick she found.

So Indie has been sleeping in her big girl bed for a couple of weeks. We were worried that she might not be able to do it. We thought that maybe she would fall asleep on the floor. But she didn't. The first night she cried and played in her room for like 30 minutes then silence. I checked on her and this is what I found.

I love this picture. I tried to put Indie & Maya down for a nap at the same time. Maya was still crying & Indie was knocked out.

She loves her cousin Taytum. Watching them play together is so cute. They have been teaching each other a few things. Indie likes to crawl again and Taytum says "hi baby". I can tell that they are going to be good friends when they grow up. 

Indie is loving Maya. She plays patty cake with Maya. Her favorite part is making Maya clap at the end. She will randomly go up to Maya and say hi and either tickle or kiss her. When I carry Maya Indie will run to her room and get one of her babies and walk around the apartment with it. When we watch Indie's shows in the morning Indie likes to hold Mayas hand and play with her toes. Maya really loves Indie. Every time Maya sees Indie her face lights up. 

Indie is now a picky toddler. My little baby that use to eat anything is gone. She pretty much only likes oatmeal, cereal, chips, fries, quesadillas, & noodles. She'll eat veggies but it takes her awhile to try it. Once she tries it she'll kill them. She use to love bananas and yogurt and now she will not eat them. 

I love this little girl. She is such a happy toddler. She loves doing all the toddler things like throwing things on the ground and throwing tantrums. I love that she is so girly. She still loves looking in the mirror and brushing her hair and putting on make up. She loves getting her nails did. Everyday is an adventure with little Indie. I seriously can't get enough of this little princess.

{dan thinks I'm brainwashing her. i really am though}