four months.

Maya Sue is 4 months. 
She is 14.75 lbs & 25 inches.
She is in the 70th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height. 
and her head is in the 30th percentile.

This week she's been wanting to eat and sleep all day long. She'll stay up for like an hour if we're lucky. I think she's just growing.  Maya is getting so chubby. She's only fussy when she wants to eat or sleep. She stops crying when she sees her bottle and reaches for it. When I finally lay her in the crib she rolls over and sucks on her fingers till she falls asleep. She likes to chill on the ground and watch gabba with her sissy. She is such an easy baby.

She is so advanced for her age. She has been rolling over since she was 3 weeks. She rolls both ways still. and just last week she started to SCOOT forward. We could not believe that she could do it. Dan saw that she was looking at Indie's doll, so he put the doll in front of her and sure enough she scooted her little body towards the doll till she had it in her tiny hands. Now just a couple of days later she is a pro. She can even turn. She always rolls over onto her tummy when we put her on the floor but after a while she gets tired from scooting so she'll roll onto her back and cry till we pick her up.She'll be crawling soon. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried. My poor home decor will have to sit a box for another year or so.

Some things my girl likes

Smiling with her tongue out
When Dan sings to her
Having her head touch/rubbed/brushed
Grabbing things
Being tickled
Sucking on the hand & arm
{she loves her big sis. she can be screaming bloody murder and then see Indie's face and start smiling.}
Watching people sing & dance on tv
{maya is so talkative. but her talking is so loud and high pitched it's more like screaming}

We can't wait to see all the things Maya will learn in the next month. She's already done some pretty amazing things in just this last week. I'm kind of hoping my next monthly update of  Maya will say she's crawling ha.
We'll See.

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Trav and Amanda said...

Your girls are getting so big! They're both ADORABLE!