Last week my little brother Daniel graduated from high school.
It's crazy how fast time flies.
I can't believe Daniel is an adult and done with high school.
Everyone in my family babys Daniel. 
But I have to admit I do too {sometimes}.
He is the youngest.
We have always had a love/hate relationship.
We always hang out but argue most of the time we are together.
Dan & Daniel have a good relationship.
They are always planing things together.
I like that they get along.
I'm eager to see what he will do in the future.
But for now he's just excited to visit our family in Hawaii.
Congratulations Daniel.

{daniel was trying to get indie to look at the camera. she just wanted some candy}

Dan had to work so he missed the graduation. 
It was so long.ha
I wanted to show up when they started calling the kids names but that didn't happen.
Indie and Maya were good for about 30 minutes but Indie got really sick of sitting.
and Maya just wanted to sleep.

after the graduation we went to my sister's house.
indie had tons of fun running around and playing with the big kids.
after we had a bonfire & indie loved singing and playing the ukulele with uncle malu.

We had Daniel's graduation party on Wednesday & it was fun to spend time with family.
I love when all the kids are together they have so much fun.
I forget that Indie is getting bigger & it's funny to watch her run around with the girls and play games with them.

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