maya is 5 months.

Today Maya turned 5 months old. I feel like she was just born, but she's so advanced for her age she seems so much older than 5 months. A couple nights ago Dan and I heard "dadada da da" so Dan went to check on Indie. He realized Indie was dead asleep and that it was Maya just talking in her crib.It's so funny that they sound the same and say the same stuff. Maya sat up by herself for the first time, but she hasn't been able to do it again. She loves rice cereal. She cries if I don't feed it to her fast enough. She's a pretty chill baby. She's only fussy when she's tired. But she's like super fussy. Like yelling, freaking out, stiff body fussy. She usually stops crying when we put her down though. She still sleep all the time. She takes like 4 short naps & 1 long one. Lazy baby.She's starting to sleep longer at night. She's been waking up at the same time as Indie. Lately Maya has been sucking on everything. Her blankets, toys, & her fingers are always soaked. She needs to slow down a bit. Everyday she seems to be getting smarter. Soon I'll have two toddlers running around. 

instagram pictures.

getting so chunky.
 big sister had to jump in the picture.

going to feed the duckies.

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Lisa and Devin Graff said...

So cute! You are so amazing. When i start thinking about having number two i get so stressed out! Your little family is the cutest. I hope you are doing great!