6 months

This girl just turned 6 months.
She is 17 lbs & 2 oz
& 27 inches long.
That's 75th percentile for weight & 95th for height.

Maya is SO close to crawling. Once she figures out how to pick her arms up off the ground she'll get it. For now she gets in the crawling position and takes big scoots to get to where she's going. She can stand up if she's holding onto something. She can also sit up all by herself. She likes being in her walker now because she figured out how to move backwards in it. She is such a big girl already. She loves saying DADA. She knows her name. She is still loving Gabba. Indie and her get so excited when it comes on. They dance when they watch it. Indie's tantrums make Maya crack up. She thinks they're pretty funny. She loves eating rice cereal. We can never feed it to her fast enough. She HAS to take 3 naps and HAS to go to bed around 9pm. She will just whine until we put her down. Lately she's been sleeping in longer than Indie. WEIRD. She use to wake up, eat, and go back to sleep before Indie even got up. She is such an easy baby with so much personality.