maya is 8 months.

Today Maya is 8 months. She is around 19 lbs. She got her flu booster today and she didn't even cry. I was talking to her to distract her and she just smiled and was talking back to me. She didn't even notice is was poked.She's crazy. She is growing so fast. Maya loves food. She's been killing her baby food and loves her some cereal puffs. She is a pro at feeding herself now. I love that she is a good eater. So Maya is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up onto everything. She just learned how to walk along furniture and she is squatting with her feet flat on the ground. She has stood up all by herself for a couple of seconds but only when she is distracted. She also just started waving hi. It's probably the cutest wave ever. She just moves her little wrist up and down:) She is a talker! She's saying daaaa dad and mom. Maya has always loved Indie and nothing has changed. Now she crawls all over Indie and even cuddles her. They love hugging. She really is such a good baby. Indie has been a crazy toddler, so it's nice to have a chill baby. We just love this little girl so much. 

Things Maya LOVES.
Yo Gabba Gabba
Water Bottles
Green Beans
{she never wants to be carried}
Nap time
{playing with sissy}
{laughing with the geese}

birthday party.

we celebrated indie's birthday this saturday. we had a little party at sugarhouse park. well it wasn't really little because my family is so big, but it was as little as we could make it. we had dinner, water balloons, a pinata, yummy desserts, and great company. 

INDIE turns 2

My little girl turned 2 on Saturday Sept. 15th! Our little princess woke up to a living room full of balloons. We thought she would go crazy but she was actually kind of scared at first. 
Then she started throwing the balloons. Dan got up and ran through the streamers and kicked the balloons around and that got Indie really excited. She ran through the streamers too and dove into the balloons. We had to get her to calm down so she could open her gift. We got her a dress up and jewelry because girlfriend is OBSESSED with jewelry. She also got make up and a new brush and mirror. She was freaking out when I was opening her make up kit. She grabbed a make up brush and used it to put lip gloss on her cheeks :) Maya and her loved playing in the balloons. 

{don't pay attention to my "happ birthday" sign}

After all the craziness with the balloons we got the girls ready and went to Village Inn for a birthday breakfast. During breakfast we taught Indie how to say "I two". So the whole time she was pointing at herself saying it. 

We met up with her bff miss ava at Discovery Gateway. It was pretty cool. There was so much to do. I had to force Indie away from each section because there was so much to look at. She could have stayed in each area all day long. Ava and Indie had fun making their parents chase them all over the building. Indie through a tantrum when we left, so we decided to get the birthday girl some ice cream. Then we went to City Creek for a little shopping. Her uncle Daniel got her some new Jordans. When we got home she grabbed them and tried to put them on.

When we finally got home we made dinner for the HOLY WAR. My family came over to watch the Utah vs BYU game. Indie loved it. Utah got a touch down and everyone in the room was cheering and Indie ran over to me so excited, yelling at the top of her lungs!  During half time Indie blew our her candles. She couldn't wait for the end of the song. She kept on picking at the cake. I can't believe she 2! She is so not my little baby anymore. It makes me want to cry. She's talking a lot more and doing things all by herself. She has such a cute personality. She such a girly girl and she loves people. She'll hug anyone and say hi to everyone. She loves dancing and music. Everything is a drum to her. I really need her to stop growing.


I took the girls to get their pictures done. Indie is 2 and Maya is 7 months! My big girls! Picture overload.