maya is 8 months.

Today Maya is 8 months. She is around 19 lbs. She got her flu booster today and she didn't even cry. I was talking to her to distract her and she just smiled and was talking back to me. She didn't even notice is was poked.She's crazy. She is growing so fast. Maya loves food. She's been killing her baby food and loves her some cereal puffs. She is a pro at feeding herself now. I love that she is a good eater. So Maya is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up onto everything. She just learned how to walk along furniture and she is squatting with her feet flat on the ground. She has stood up all by herself for a couple of seconds but only when she is distracted. She also just started waving hi. It's probably the cutest wave ever. She just moves her little wrist up and down:) She is a talker! She's saying daaaa dad and mom. Maya has always loved Indie and nothing has changed. Now she crawls all over Indie and even cuddles her. They love hugging. She really is such a good baby. Indie has been a crazy toddler, so it's nice to have a chill baby. We just love this little girl so much. 

Things Maya LOVES.
Yo Gabba Gabba
Water Bottles
Green Beans
{she never wants to be carried}
Nap time
{playing with sissy}
{laughing with the geese}

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