9 months

Maya turned 9 months on the 26th. She is little miss smarty pants. I just love her cute personality. She has 4 teeth & is teething now, so she's been a little fussy. She loves to dance and laugh. She is trying to be a big girl already. She's climbing onto everything. She has a few scratches and bumps from falling, but that doesn't stop her. It scares us but she gets better at it everyday. She's also standing up on her own. She does it without even knowing. When she figures out she's standing she usually sits down slowly. Dan got her to take a step. She'll just take one though. It's funny watching her put all her weight on her left leg then slowly move her right leg forward. She is so careful. She'll be walking soon! She is already so good at walking with her push toys and walking along the walls and furniture.

Maya also loves wrestling with Indie. They are so funny together. I love watching Maya climb on Indie and try to tickle her. One time she grabbed Indie's diaper and bit Indie's butt. They were both laughing so hard. Another night Maya sat on Indie's face like she usually does and decided to fart in Indie's face. Indie started bawling and Maya laughed. Then Indie ran to her timeout corner screaming and crying. My cousin Sally ask Indie if she wanted to wash her face and Indie yelled, "YESHH". When Sally told Dan that story he was so proud of Maya. She must have the same sense of humor as her daddy. Those two girls love each other so much. When Maya wakes up from her nap Indie will hear her talking and run up the stairs yelling "MIA MIA". We ask Indie if her name is Maya or Mia and she'll always reply Mia. Which is funny cause we were going to name her Mia but I liked Maya better. 

We love our little M.