Maya is 10 months. She acts like shes 13 months though. She's walking everywhere and climbing onto everything. She has the cutest walk. To balance she puts her hands up and it looks like she's dancing. She's starting to walk to things instead of crawling. We can't believe how fast she's learning. She also likes to mimic things we say. Like when we tell Indie to go to timeout Maya will yell "GO". She's addicted to yo gabba gabba. It's hard to get her attention when its on. Maya LOVES gangnam style. It's really weird. She'll cry when you pause the video. She loves laughing and bugging her big sis. We love this little girl.

All Hallows Eve.

Sally and I threw a Halloween party at my sister Sina's house. It turned out better than we expected. The kids all loved it. Sina's neighborhood was packed with kids which made it fun for the kids when they went trick or treating. We had bread bowls and everyone brought soup plus Dan made spicy chicken bacon chili. My cousin Jessie made some pretty amazing wings. Sally and I made some yummy desserts too. We had zombie brains (oreo truffles), worms is mud (brownie trifle) and poison apples (caramel apples). We also had tons of cupcakes, cookies, and rice crispy treats. The kids loved our witches brew. Dry ice is a must at all Halloween parties.

We gave all the kids glow sticks, which was a hit, they loved jumping on the tramp and running around in the dark with them. They played a doughnut eating game and then we had them go to Sina's basement to a haunted house. It was seriously like 30 secs long and the older kids loved it but the younger kids came out bawling.
{a few of the kiddies before trick or treating. Indie was mad she had to take a picture.}

Indie & Dan were Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf
{it was so hard to get a picture of her. she just wanted to run around and play with her cousins}

Maya and I were Cruella DeVille and a Dalmatian
{she hated her costume so she only wore it for a good 15 minutes}

Some of the costumes at the party. 

{a few of the boys}

{my favorite: THE ZUMBA CREW}
{a few of us girls}

{cute girls}
so funny

Can't wait till next year!