Maya's Birthday Party.

we celebrated maya's 1st birthday on sat. her birthday is on my cousin's wedding so we decided to throw a party the week before. we had a milk & cookies party with chinese food. it doesn't really go together but the fortune cookies kind of tie it all in ha. maya is teething so she was kind of fussy when the party started then she fell asleep for most of it. i woke her up so we could sing happy birthday and she was the happiest baby. she loved her smash cupcake. i didn't even have to help her she just attacked it.


this year is going to be a busy one for us. i started school today and dan will start in march. maya is turning one in 2 weeks and we are throwing her party this saturday. i can't believe she is going to be one. she looks like a little baby still {to me}. she has such a cute personality. i'm hoping we can potty train indie in the next few weeks. she will be turning 3 this year. we're excited for this year even though it's going to be hard!

So here's a little recap of 2012.

In January we had are sweet little Maya. She is such a blessing to our family.

Valentines Day!

In March took a trip to St. George & Maya turned 2 months old. 

In April we celebrated our 23rd and 27th birthdays & Easter. 

In May we went on little adventures around town. 

In June Daniel graduated from high school.

In July Maya turned 6 months and started crawling. We also moved to Sugarhouse and we love it. 

In September Indie turned 2. We went to Discovery Gateway on her birthday and we had a party for her at a park.

In October we had a big family  Halloween party. Maya turned 9 months and started walking. 

In November we got to play in the snow. 

In December 
We went to Red Butte Gardens 

We made our first gingerbread house. It lasted 5 minutes then it collapsed. 

We went to Temple Square to see the lights.

My little brother and his wife had their baby. Sweet little Liam. 

We visited Santa. Indie was excited until the guy pulled out the camera. She was not in the smiling mood. And Maya well....

Christmas Eve we went over to my sister's house for brunch. We played games and the girls opened the Christmas pajamas with their cousins.

Christmas Day was really chill. We made breakfast and had some family come over. Then we stayed in all day until dinner time. For dinner we went to a Chinese restaurant.

That was pretty much our year.