been awhile.

I feel like I never blog anymore, because I never blog anymore. Plus we've been super busy. I started school in January and Dan just started last week. School has been awesome. I love learning about something that I actually find interesting. I always wanted to work in the fashion industry. I remember when I first met Dan and he asked me what my ideal job was and I said, "I want to buy stuff for stores. Like clothes and stuff." He said, "oh you mean a buyer." I knew what a buyer was I just had a stupid dizzy moment and he always reminds me of it. I'm just happy slcc has a fashion program and I'm happy I never went to fashion school in Vegas because slcc is way cheaper. I'm not sure what I'll do after school, but I'm hoping I could get a buying or visual merchandising job. We'll see I still of 2 more semesters after this one.

That enough about me. Anyway.....Maya is crazy! She climbs up and gets into everything. She won't stop going for whatever she wants until she gets it. It's exhausting. She jumps out of her crib and its so scary. She climbs on their table and pulls the blinds. She puts toys in the kitchen drawers. She is so smart. She says tank  tu, sorry, sissy, sasa, dad, mom, otay, and go. She loves princess and the frog and tinker bell movies. She throws the funniest tantrums. And she has tons of teeth. Her smile is so cute but her smile for pictures is um...interesting. She's not as girly as Indie, but she does like to but bows in her hair then she pulls the out. And she like brushing her hair but that's as girly as she gets. She's into figuring things out and exploring. She loves Dan. I can't believe how big of a daddy's girl she is. When Maya's around no one can hug Dan or she will pull your hair or push you. She cuddles him and follows him everywhere. We call her his shadow. Sometimes he knocks her over cause he doesn't know she's behind him when he turns around.

Indie is finally getting the hang of going to the bathroom. We've been trying off and on for like 2 months and this week she isn't crying for her diaper and she's telling us when she needs to go. She's not fully potty trained but we're super close. I can't wait till we only have one baby in diapers. Maya already loves to sit on the potty, so soon we might not have to buy any. She is such a big girl. She still wants to do everything herself. She loves playing with her food. It's annoying but sometimes it's funny. She loves dress ups. She has to wear one everyday and she forces Maya to wear one. She loves saying I'm a princess and she loves dancing. She is so outgoing. She loves meeting new people. She's always trying to talk to people. She has the funniest personality.

I feel like the past few months have gone by so fast. So let's see on Valentines Day I had school and Dan worked so we ordered in the best indian food in town. I love every holiday and my girls are going to be those kids that get something for every stupid holiday, even St. Patrick's Day, because I'm like that.

Easter was really fun. I love Easter. I made Easter the holiday that the girls get books. Just because when I went to target last year I found a ton of books in the dollar section, and this year there were a ton too. I didn't get any candy except for chocolate bunnies. My girls are just like me with candy. They don't stop eating it. So I really didn't want to give them candy. My Auntie Jane made them baskets filled with candy. So the girls flipped out. They attacked the candy and didn't really eat real food that day. After covering my living room in wrappers and eggs we went to breakfast with Katie. Indie loves those girls. We came home and chilled then we met up with Tenny at the park. The girls played with Taytum. They could play with bubbles all day. We had Easter dinner at Sina's. The kids made their own pizzas and Indie loved it. The Easter egg hunt was hilarious. Indie just took off on her own and Dan followed Maya around, but she just needed him to hold her basket. Indie found an egg with money and she frowned when she opened it. We had fun playing outside. We go out every chance we get because you never know when this Utah weather will switch up on you.